WordPress Rss Widget in New Window Solutions : Why is WordPress opening new windows?

Wordprss How to open Rss Widget link in New Window ??

I have seen in many post on many sites.. if you search in google by this keyphase
you will be found countless post, where users asking same problem.

and most of fourm and blog has not any reply till far. so i had decided to fix it faster
i have found the solution now, but you need to do some change in your coding..

please do these changes


find these codes

if ( $link == ” ) {
 echo “<li>$title{$date}{$summary}{$author}</li>”;
 } else {
 echo “<li><a class=’rsswidget’ href=’$link’ title=’$desc’>$title</a>{$date}{$summary}{$author}</li>”;

replcae with this

if ( $link == ” ) {
 echo “<li>$title{$date}{$summary}{$author}</li>”;
 } else {
 echo “<li><a class=’rsswidget’ href=’$link’ title=’$desc’ target=’_blank’>$title</a>{$date}{$summary}{$author}</li>”;

and upload on your server back and check after remove your cache.
And it will work fine..
remember if this works when you use widget for rss feed display

enjoy :)

drupal warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

drupal warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

As i have worked on Drupal many years, and my many friends and clients ask me many problems when ever they faced them..

suddenly some time before my client start facing problem with drupal “blank page” when ever he try to do “login”, “logout” “update any page” or setting  with this error

warning: Cannot add header information – headers already sent in d:\web\drupal\module.php on line 12.”

And you wont believe i have tried many way to fix this..and didnot find any way.. but suddenly i have start few php basic redirect problem.

coz this is not drupal coding or installtion problem in PHP redirect problem and you will surprized to know what i did to fix this problem,

This problem in your themes, Template.php you must check that before start more research on this matter.

must check is there any white space before and end of php tags

– white space could be here —




— white space could be here —


 please remove that and check it will work fine.

thanks :)