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From 2008 -2013, if you needed help with css scripts showcase, php scripts, ajax scripts, CMS Drupal, CMS Joomla, or CMS WordPress, W3CGallery.com was the place to go for answers. More recently we added big data, data science, and related support via our DevOps architect and our team of data developers devoted to the support of server side software addressing large systems and development in the cloud.

This was their website.
Content is from the site's archived paged providing just a small sample of what they offered their readership.


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CMS Solutions

Ready to use Design Packages

All of our Package with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

First time be bring full CMS solutions for designers, blog owners and site holders to convert their blogs as your other site design, or create full dynamic site in WORDPRESS, DRUPAL OR JOOMLA, at reasonable price. We will design your blogs, cms or convert into your design!

Our base package is a basic service, meaning we will theme the CMS to look identical to your design. The base package does not include additional modules unless agreed upon at submission and we do not modify the CMS’ functions or modify additional modules.When the project is done you will have a CMS solution ready for content population.Features Include
  1. Hand coded XHTML & CSS that validates
  2. Structured CSS/Web2.0
  3. Search engine friendly code
  4. Cross-browser compatible with major browsers
  5. Full Suport
CMS Templates, CMS Themes, CMS Skins,wordpress themes,drupal themes

Information regarding our service

Who is behind CMS Solution?

CMS Solution is run by dedicated professional developers with the huge experience in development and designing who also have a passion for web development and are always looking to further their knowledge and expertise in standards compliant web practices

Who is this service for?

This service is for designers who don’t have the expertise to theme a CMS from their design, developers who need to outsource project components to leverage their time and for web companies who need a professional service to take care of this particular task in an effective and affordable manner.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards as a method of payment, all prices are quoted in USD

What is the payment process?

We request full payment up front, if you are using our service for the first time we will do half up-front and half on completion if you prefer.

What type of files should I send you?

We prefer files to be in PSD, however we will accept Illustrator files. Please always attach a
100% JPG of the layout with your submission for our purposes. If you have an existing website and would like it migrated to a CMS, see the next question.

Will your code validate?

Yes, our code always validates, however we cannot be responsible for code within the CMS
or edits made to the system after we have finished the project that break validation.

What browsers do you test in?

We make our themes cross-browser compatible to the following browsers IE6, IE7, Firefox
and Safari. If you are needing it to be compatible with a particular browser not mentioned here please let us know on submission.

Will your name appear on my site?

No, we are a white label service, no names …

I don’t have a design. Can you create one for me?

Yes, we can create design for you.

Do you setup on my domain also ?

Yes, we will setup on your domain and give your full working theme

Our refund policy?

We do give refunds before we commence the CMS Solution and we are happy to refund your money if you are not satisfied with the finished product.

Who will own the final CMS Solution?

You will own all the rights to your CMS and design, after all they are yours anyway!

Will you keep a copy of my CMS?

Please keep a backup of the files we send through to you as we do not keep any copies of
completed projects



W3c Blog 2009


Wordpress How to exclude any category post to being display

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Exclude/Stop any category posts to displayed on any page As wordpress being used as CMS now a days, we need many trick to use it properly, coz our requirement are different each time when we develope any new site with WP.
Some time we dont want to show any particular category post on home page. or any other page, so this trick & hack best for you.


WordPress Subcategories as Dropdown Menu by CSS Help

Monday, November 30th, 2009

How to add Child Categories as dropdown menu in Wordpress by CSS help.

In last post i have written about subpages dropdown menu’s now Here Im telling you about Categories and subCategories. Its also similar way to do, as we have done on pages. we need to add Css classes as i have added below and make a small change on wordpress theme’s header or sidebar where you needed it

Step 1

Css/ add these classed in your theme css

/*- Nav / Dropdowns-*/ #nav, #nav ul{  padding: 0;  float:left;  list-style: none; } #nav a {  font-size:12px;font-family:Arial, Tahoma, Verdana;line-height:34px;text-transform:uppercase;font-weight:700;color:#dfdfdf;display:block;margin-right:5px;text-decoration:none;padding:0 20px 0 20px } #nav li {  float: left;  line-height:27px;  } #nav li a:hover { background: none; color:#50daf7; } #nav li ul {  position: absolute;  width: 15em;  left: -999em;  padding-top:0px; } #nav li:hover ul, #nav li.sfhover ul {  left: auto;  z-index:1000;  } #nav li ul li {     background: #000;  border-bottom:1px solid #1e2527;   border-left:1px solid #1e2527;   border-right:1px solid #1e2527;     line-height:18px;   width:20em; }


Step 2

replace category codes as below

Search this


and replace





 thats is it. :)

please check other post for subpages dropdown



WordPress Sub Pages as Dropdown menu by css

Monday, November 30th, 2009

How to create subpages as Dropdown menu by css help in wordpress

To make a wordpress blog or Cms we need this a lot, even to make wordpress blog more user friendly, we require to add child pages (subpages) as dropdown. but as there not plugin i guess so many developer or site owners face problem. or hire developer to fix it.

Here we giving you very simple way to make a dropdown menu by css help. just you need to follow our steps and you are done !

Step 1

Css// add these in your theme css

#nav, #nav ul{  padding: 0;  float:left;  list-style: none; } #nav a {  font-size:12px;font-family:Arial, Tahoma, Verdana;line-height:34px;text-transform:uppercase;font-weight:700;color:#dfdfdf;display:block;margin-right:5px;text-decoration:none;padding:0 20px 0 20px } #nav li {  float: left;  line-height:27px;  } #nav li a:hover { background: none; color:#50daf7; } #nav li ul {  position: absolute;  width: 15em;  left: -999em;  padding-top:0px; } #nav li:hover ul, #nav li.sfhover ul {  left: auto;  z-index:1000;  } #nav li ul li {     background: #000;  border-bottom:1px solid #1e2527;   border-left:1px solid #1e2527;   border-right:1px solid #1e2527;     line-height:18px;   width:20em; }


Step 2

now  search your theme’s header/ sidebar to replace as below

and replace this to






that is it :) try and us know your comments and problems


Free WordPress News Themes to download

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Free Wordpress News / Magazine Styled Themes

News blog are increasing now, and premium theme designer making lot of news and magazine themes to attract them. Here, im adding some news and magazine wordpress theme to download free, these look stunning premium but 100% free  to use, so download and start using this :) 



Wordpress how to Arrange Posts in ascending order

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Recently, I was creating one website in which there were loads of database entries which I needed to integrate into Wordpress Blogging system as it is really flexible.

But the default option of Wordpress is that it always shows all the posts in reverse chronological order but I wanted to change posts order so that the posts on the front page is displayed in an ascending order.

Just add the following code just before “if(have_posts())“ and your posts will be arranged in an ascending order. query_posts($query_string.”&order=ASC”);

Hope that helps someone who is looking for this code. If you have any other Wordpress queries, then you can make a comment on this post..




Php how to delete duplicate records from mysql??

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Is there any way to delete duplicate records from mysql by php ???

if you are one who searching this in google, so answer is YES. how i will let you know. see this post below and you will do that easily.

select all database unique results

for select unique records we have to use this query, or group by


  $qry = "select distinct name from tablename"; $db->query( $qry ); while( $data = $db->fetchArray() ) {   $qry1 = "select * from tablename where name='".$data['name']."' "; $db1->query( $qry1 ); if($db1->numRows() > 1)        {  $check=0;  while( $data1 = $db1->fetchArray() ) {     if($check > 0)              {     ####### add delete query here  $sql_del="delete from tablename where Id=".$data['Id'];                  $db->query( $sql_del );     }              $check++;    }    }   }

 name = the field to check duplicate records

now select again same table with the name, and after that we check all unique records and only delete

records those greater than 1 of number rows.

coz 0 is the original 1st records and we have to keep it and delete similar other records.